It is with great pleasure that we at Tusker Harley-Davidson®wholeheartedly welcome our new HOG members to Tusker Bangalore Chapter. “ The membership will help all riders along with their families maximize what the HOG Community can offer and not to mention the various benefits the members stand to gain. Our relentless effort in supporting our HOG is guaranteed, coupled with a pledge to keep your Harley-Davidson experience memorable. Tusker Bangalore Chapter is considered as the most active Chapter in the country. Tusker Harley-Davidson has been adjudged as “The Dealer of the Year” and Tusker Bangalore Chapter has been awarded as “The Chapter of the Year” for the years 2011 and 2012, 2015 respectively. There is a lot of riding going on and On every ride, we create memories that are special to us.


Riding during the Monsoon is treacherous and there are some good pointers for that. we are here to enrich your riding experience. This is your keepsakes and to share with friends and family. Work hard, Party hard and Ride Safe
Tips on Riding in Monsoon ! LOOSEN UP The first thing to sort out is you: to ride smoothly, wet or dry, you need to be relaxed not tense. Few pointers… 1.Choose a rainsuit that incorporates a breathable membrane. BRAKING

2. Pack your rainsuit on top, not at the bottom of your The best way to brake in the wet is the same as in the dry, squeeze, saddlebag. don't grab. Any sudden shock will break traction, but by easing

3. Watch windshield wipers of oncoming cars to see if it's raining ahead. progressively more force into the system it's possible to brake in the

4. Put your rain gear on before the rain starts. wet.

5. Wear bright colors for increased visibility to others.

6. Transfer wallet, keys, and other essentials to waterproof TURNING outside pockets.

7. Your windshield should be low enough to look over, not just One mistake many people make in the wet is by riding too gingerly. through. By tip-toeing round corners on a closed throttle and almost upright,

8. Use four-way flashers in heavy rain or fog. generating virtually no cornering forces, your tyres will barely grip the

9. Increase your following distance, and watch for tailgaters.

10. Avoid standing water as it can hide potholes and debris.

11. Check tire pressures periodically. Underinflated tires are nervous wet weather riders. Turning in too suddenly, with too much more likely to hydroplane. turning force, too soon, can cause the front tyre to slide.

12. Tap rear brake in advance of normal braking distance to alert followers. ACCELERATING

13. Gently apply brakes periodically to wipe rotors of water/ mud/debris. Throttle control is the most important skill to master.

14. Watch out for painted lines, arrows, etc. as they can be application of force will break traction and the throttle is no exception. particularly slippery. Better to avoid risking a nasty, out-of-control fishtail.

15. After the ride, don't pack your rain gear away until surface irregularities dry.

16. Avoid Painted lines, Surface Texture, Manhole covers/ can have the rear wheel slewing sideways and out of control railroad tracks, Puddles/Pot Holes, Oil Etc... surprisingly quickly, so be careful.